About Dan’s Events

Dan spends a significant amount of time each year travelling to offer concerts and workshops to churches and communities throughout the country. Many have been deeply touched by his music over the years and the chance to experience his . He enjoys doing these events and meeting people from all walks of life and areas of the country. In 2009 he presented a special series of concerts to honor the 30th anniversary of his well-known hymn, "Here I Am, Lord."

The concerts Dan offers are not just a performance of his music, but an evening of stories, prayer and reflection woven around his songs. People who've attended these events have commented that it feels more like a retreat than a concert. And that's the effect Dan hopes to create. "The music is not about "Dan Schutte," but about the faithful God who loves us unconditionally."

Dan is the first to admit that the songs he's written belong to communities of people who have sung them for many years. Throughout the evening he provides plenty of opportunity for people to join in the singing of his beloved melodies.