Mass of Christ the Savior Workshop

The celebration of Eucharist is at the center of your parish’s communal life. As the Church enters more fulling into the New Evangelization, it’s a perfect time to focus attention on how we can more fully enter into the prayer of the Mass.

Dan Schutte is offering a new workshop to help parishes accomplish this:

  • Renew people’s faith in the  Eucharist as the centerpiece of a Christian’s life.

Many of us attend Mass but very rarely do we experience the fullness of what Eucharist is meant to be. “People in love make signs of love, not only to express their love but to deepen it.” It all starts with a grateful heart that acknowledges at every turn the abundance of God’s gifts.

  • Engage people’s imaginations more fully in the signs and symbols of the Mass.

Our relationship with God is profoundly influenced by the images that surround us. “A people’s faith in Christ and in one another must be expressed in signs and symbols or it will die.” The fullness of the ritual we call the Mass will only be apparent when the images, the signs and symbols, are experienced in their fullness.

  • Deepen people’s understanding of how music is an integral key to the way we pray as a community.

Music is a language of the mind and heart. Singing, and experiencing the beauty of liturgical song, is one of the most powerful ways to engage our entire selves in the celebration of Eucharist. We are not just bystanders. We are the celebrants with Jesus Christ in offering the gift of our praise and thanks to God.

  • Gain new insight into how Dan’s Mass of Christ the Savior can be used to foster full, conscious, active participation.

Dan’s musical setting of the revised texts of the Roman Missal Third Edition is fast becoming the standard sung in parishes. Hear Dan speak about the process he engaged in writing this music and learn how to engage your community more fully in the singing. The new expanded version of his Mass – with sung Dialogues, Sprinkling Rite, Universal Prayer and Presider’s parts – make this an even more flexible and usable Mass setting.

Call Diann Bruno in the OCP Events Department for more information about how you can host this workshop and bring Dan to your parish.

Call: 877.271.3786
Write: [email protected]