Video Gallery

Five years ago I was privileged to spend a week in Sabi Sands National Wildlife Preserve in South Africa. Twice each day, once before sunrise and once before sunset, the safari would venture out in a Range Rover to experience the breathtaking beauty of untamed Africa. One such morning our vehicle came up over a rise on the dusty road and there, coming round a bend just 20 yards in front of us, were two mother lionesses and their eight cubs. Our guide explained that this was the first time the cubs were seen by human beings.  You can see that the mother lions are relaxed but very vigilant, while the cubs are curious and not quite sure what to make of it all. It was such a special moment to experience the wonder of God’s creation.

I wanted to create a video version of the title song from my latest collection To Praise You. My first attempt featured me sitting at the piano singing the entire piece. But after watching it several times I found that it lacked inspiration. Who wants to watch me sit there and sing for three minutes! So I revised the video to include beautiful images that I hope will highlight the music.