Watch for Mass of Christ the Savior at OCP


Because it is built on similar, recurring musical motifs and chordal progressions, this new Mass setting will be very easy for people to learn. The Mass has been scored for keyboard, guitar, SAB choir with optional instrumental parts for 2 trumpets, violin and oboe.  It features all the common sung parts of the Mass, including

      • Introductory Dialogue and Greeting
      • Three Forms of the Penitential Act
      • Glory to God
      • Dialogue After the Readings
      • Gospel Acclamation
      • Lenten Gospel Acclamation
      • Dialogue Before Gospel Reading
      • Dialogue After Gospel Reading
      • Prayer of the Faithful
      • Dialogue that Begins the Eucharistic Prayer
      • Holy
      • Memorial Acclamations
      • Doxology and Great Amen
      • Lamb of God


Use the audio player to hear some sample clips.

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